• Mar 4 2011

    Long time since I haven't been writing anything on my homepage but I've been busy (and unfortunately I will keep being busy). In any case I finally managed to finish an alpha working version of the Impossible! interpreter (with a nice debug feature in progress). You can download it from the appropriate section!
    In addition I added a section for another project that I started: OpenMOM, an ambitious remake of the glorious Master of Magic.

  • Nov 20 2010

    I worked hard to make the Impossible! language a little bit more user friendly.. I added many operations and integrated a way to document the behaviour within the code to speed up the work.. we're very near to first release!

  • Oct 25 2010

    Welcome to my homepage! This is my first attept to make a website with Sinatra on Ruby.. so forgive me! The main focus for now will be to document the Impossible! programming language and provide a basic version to download..